Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things!!!

I am looking forward to getting back into this blog. Some changes will be happening soon, and updates as well. Have a great day and a better tomorrow!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A busy Summer....

I could not wait until school was out, then came summer ball. I could not wait until summer ball was over. It has been a lot of running around with the oldest sprout on two different ball teams. Both sprouts were on the same team, and the oldest sprout got to play with the next league up from her age group this year as well. It was a great experience. The older team took second in the league tournament so they got trophies. The lower league team won the league tournament. They beat the team that had not lost a game all season. Our team played their best game of all that night. They truly earned that game.

Life after ball practices and games has consisted of camp, holiday celebrations and birthday celebrations with the family, and lots of swimming when ever possible.

I have not been able to spend a lot of time with the sprouts because of the summer visitation schedule with their dad, so I have been keeping busy with golf and an occasional bowling tournament.

My twin sister and I have a milestone birthday coming up in August, so we have been trying to plan something for that. I have been doing some thing around the hose as well. My furnace barely made it through the winter, and my air conditioner did not make it through last summer, so I have finally gotten those replaced, along with my leaking water heater, so hopefully I am done with major home repairs for awhile.

If you think about it, and would like to say a prayer for my former spouse, he and his wife just lost on of there business to a fire a couple of day ago. They did not own the building according to the paper. There has been a lot of controversy with the business, because of the previous owners and their relationship with the builders owners. A lot of people saw a lot of red flags go up when they found out this building went up in smoke. So if you could keep them in your thoughts as they have to work on cleaning up and everything, that would be appreciated.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wow It has been awhile.....Where have I been....

Where have I been? January and February rolled through with me getting through the various snow falls this year. I am so thankful for the snow blower my dad got me this year. I would have been snowed in for days if I had to shovel it all.

March was a great month this year. This year for spring break I took the sprouts to see the big mouse in Florida with my parents and my twin sister and her family. Everyone had a great time. The sprouts had no idea where they were going until we were in the car on our way south. We have all been planning this trip for over a year and managed to keep it a secret the whole time. I will have to admit it was hard towards the end because I was ready for the vacation. A week in the sun, no rain, no snow. Everyone had a great time.

April has brought an end to the swim lessons this year to make room for softball. Should be an interesting year for the sprouts in softball. My oldest realizes that she gets to run the bases if she gets hit by the ball. I will have to admit that is not my theory on the game, and I would bet that she will change her mind after a few times.

I am waiting for the washer to arrive. There is nothing like having to figure out when to get your laundry done when your washer is beyond repair. I cannot wait to have a working one back in the house. I still have to replace my furnace and air conditioner, and water heater yet. The furnace will not make it through next winter, it barely made it through this year. The air went out last summer, and I am hoping not to have to do that again this year as well. As for the water heater, I am hoping the small leak stays that way until I can get a new one.

Bowling has been going well this year. My team won our league. We did well in the city tournament. I did well in the state tournament so far, I have one more week before I will know the final results of the state tournament. The national tournament is coming up in May. I am hoping to do well there, but just to have fun will be great as well. I think my sister and I are going to bowl in a new tournament together also. We have wanted to get in this one for the last few years, but just could not manage to schedule it in.

I have been helping a friend with some stainglass coasters that she wanted to make. Making stainglass suncatchers is not the easiest thing to do in stainglass. This has been a challenge, teaching her how to work with the glass and having it be such small pieces. I design one of the patterns for her. Hopefully I will get pictures of them when they are complete for all to see.

I hope everyone is having a great year so far.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Is that to much?......

My youngest sprout received a gift card to the land of Many Toys. We finally were heading to a town that had the store to spend our money. Was inside we walked around a little bit and found somethings. I said that is fine lets look around some more to see what all is available.

We finally spotted the exact gift we wanted, but still looked around. Is that to much? Is that to much? Is that one to much? All through out the store, my response was either yes or no. If you want that one you have to put this back. No I will keep that one. After about a half hour we were checking out, carrying our barbie gift all the way to the car.

There is nothing like a gift card to burn a whole in a 6yrs pocket. When we got home the sprouts had a good time playing with the new addition to their big collection of toys.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The little things.....

Now that the sprouts and I have been through the flu like crud that has been going around I thought I would do a post.

Things have not slowed down that much lately. My youngest sprout is a year older now. So a big celebration was had at my sisters. Of course all the snow melted before the party again this year so plan B was in place. Roller skating and a movie. All the kids loved it. I was under the weather but made it through the weekend. Nothing like taking your own box of tissues to the movie theatre for a kids movie.

Communication between the former spouse and myself has been a lot better. Kind of scary sometimes but very nice. He had been very good at keeping track of additional stuff now. That is an extreme plus. I do not have to remind him anymore. Not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but this new communication all started when I told him that I thought my so called online friend was his wife. After the online friend and I had it out for about an hour, I have not heard from her since, and he has been great at doing his fatherly duties.

He even took the sprouts to the doctor to get checked out. Before he would just tell me that he thought they were under the weather and probably should go see the doctor. I thought he was going to do that to me one day, but he ended up doing it all by himself. He made the appointment and everything. I was impressed.

I hope everyone is keeping warm so far this winter. A minus 2 to start the day today, but it is a balmy 12 degrees now.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Hey I am still Here......

What a busy Holiday season it has been. I have attended three family Christmas gatherings, been through Two snow storms of over 9+ inches of snow, and one New Years Eve gathering. Not to bad, now I just have to get back to normal live. I have managed to get the tree down, now I need to get it put away. I traded trees with my sister after the holiday season.

Biggest surprise I got for Christmas was from my ex. He is giving me a load of wood to burn for the winter, as soon as I run out of the load I just got in November. It is a nice offering from him I will have to admit. They own a firewood place of business. He owns his own heating and air conditioning business as well and charges me for that when he works on my furnace and air conditioner. Go figure that one out!

I hope everyone is having a great new year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Brrrr it was cold!!!

Saturday night it started with the freezing rain and continued on and off for a few days. Also late saturday night early sunday morning my furnace decided to stop working correctly so I had to shut it off. Luckily I have a fireplace and have been running it as well so I put some more wood on the fire and it maintain the temperature for awhile. Sunday morning the sprouts dad dropped them off and we got ready and headed to church. There was a little bit of ice on the roads but they were not bad. However the further north I got the worse it got, but we made it safe and sound. I had to hang around my parents house for the day because the sprouts had the childrens christmas program that night at church. While waiting it was freezing rain most of the afternoon. We headed to church and saw a wonderful program with about 30 children participating. The sprouts and I headed for home. Since the fire ran out because we were not there the house was a chilly 61. I started a fire and it got up to around 66. We all slept on the couch in front of the fireplace. Monday morning the furnace was diagnosed and parts were summons. The schools were cancelled because of the ice. I went bowling that night with the furnace not fixed yet. Upon fixing the one part it was discovered that another part was going to be needed. SO, another night without no heat so to speak. I had no idea how cold it was in the house when I got home because the thermostat was shut down as well during the repair. I do know that it was 59 when I left for bowling. I started a fire again and slept on the couch. Luckily I did not have the sprouts with me, they were with their dad for a scheduled visitation. Tuesday I slowly got ready for work. My heated office looked better than hanging out at home today. Schools were closd again because of ice issues possibily. They could have gone today but decided otherwise. It really did not matter to me today because I did not have the sprouts this morning. ALthough it did cause the music program to be cancelled again. Finally in the afternoon I had heat. The last part was gotten from the supplier and all is warm now. I just have to get back into the swing of things and get stuff done. I have my family christmas this weekend and then the extened family christmas the following weekend and I still have to finish buying for the sprouts. They wish to have everything they see on TV. :)